China Southern arrivals Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

China Southern Amsterdam AMS airport arrivals allow to check status of China Southern flight arrivals at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Amsterdam airport is 22:42 PM 2023-06-04

Flight Scheduled Arrival Origin Status
CZ307 06:35 (CAN) Guangzhou, China In Air
CZ7714 15:30 (HEL) Helsinki, Finland Arrived On time
CZ1382 18:50 (BER) Berlin, Germany Arrived
CZ7741 19:10 (OSL) Oslo, Norway Arrived
CZ7705 10:45 (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Cancelled
CZ1398 17:50 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
CZ7706 18:55 (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Arrived
CZ7649 19:05 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Arrived
CZ7711 16:10 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Arrived
CZ7702 19:10 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
CZ1397 16:05 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
CZ7407 17:35 (HEL) Helsinki, Finland Arrived
CZ7620 07:15 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Arrived On time
CZ1392 16:00 (BRU) Brussels, Belgium Arrived
CZ1381 15:55 (BER) Berlin, Germany Arrived
CZ7746 16:10 (VIE) Vienna, Austria Arrived
CZ7639 08:40 (EDI) Edinburgh, United Kingdom Arrived On time
CZ1343 15:45 (ARN) Stockholm, Sweden Arrived
CZ7720 15:35 (LIS) Lisbon, Portugal Arrived
CZ7616 12:50 (LIM) Lima, Peru Scheduled
CZ1389 15:55 (BLQ) Bologna, Italy Cancelled
CZ7752 15:55 (ZRH) Zurich, Switzerland Arrived
CZ7689 14:25 (FLR) Florence, Italy Cancelled
CZ7749 14:25 (WAW) Warsaw, Poland Arrived
CZ1365 15:45 (BCN) Barcelona, Spain Arrived
CZ345 17:40 (PKX) Beijing, China In Air
CZ7717 17:00 (LHR) London, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ1386 15:25 (BHX) Birmingham, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7726 16:05 (MAN) Manchester, United Kingdom In Air
CZ7756 15:10 (FCO) Rome, Italy In Air
CZ7698 15:35 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
CZ7753 10:55 (CDG) Paris, France Arrived On time
CZ1394 11:35 (CDG) Paris, France Arrived On time
CZ1391 11:35 (BRU) Brussels, Belgium Arrived
CZ7694 08:00 (WAW) Warsaw, Poland Arrived On time
CZ7708 12:00 (HAJ) Hanover, Germany Arrived
CZ7622 11:20 (BLQ) Bologna, Italy Arrived
CZ7686 11:10 (OSL) Oslo, Norway Arrived
CZ1342 11:35 (ARN) Stockholm, Sweden Arrived
CZ7751 10:55 (ZRH) Zurich, Switzerland Arrived
CZ7655 09:40 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Arrived
CZ7688 13:30 (FLR) Florence, Italy Arrived
CZ1380 10:35 (BER) Berlin, Germany Arrived
CZ7682 11:15 (NUE) Nuremberg, Germany Arrived
CZ7626 08:55 (BRU) Brussels, Belgium Arrived
CZ7633 10:50 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
CZ453 08:20 (PVG) Shanghai, China Landed 07:38
CZ495 08:20 (PVG) Shanghai, China Landed 08:57
CZ7690 08:45 (VIE) Vienna, Austria Arrived
CZ7692 11:15 (VIE) Vienna, Austria Arrived
CZ7725 11:15 (MAN) Manchester, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7671 12:55 (FCO) Rome, Italy In Air
CZ7640 11:45 (EDI) Edinburgh, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7343 11:00 (FCO) Rome, Italy Arrived
CZ7661 11:00 (LHR) London, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7734 11:50 (NCL) Newcastle, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7676 10:55 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived
CZ7722 13:00 (MAD) Madrid, Spain In Air
CZ7636 09:10 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Arrived
CZ7402 09:45 (HEL) Helsinki, Finland Arrived
CZ7657 08:35 (HEL) Helsinki, Finland Arrived
CZ451 08:20 (PVG) Shanghai, China Arrived On time
CZ779 08:15 (OSL) Oslo, Norway Arrived
CZ7621 07:55 (BLQ) Bologna, Italy Arrived
CZ7665 08:55 (LIS) Lisbon, Portugal Arrived
CZ7632 07:25 (CPH) Copenhagen, Denmark Arrived
CZ1360 08:40 (FLR) Florence, Italy Arrived
CZ7697 08:40 (ZRH) Zurich, Switzerland Arrived
CZ7625 07:05 (BRU) Brussels, Belgium Arrived
CZ7613 07:20 (NUE) Nuremberg, Germany Arrived
CZ7603 08:35 (ARN) Stockholm, Sweden Arrived
CZ7618 08:20 (BHX) Birmingham, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7660 08:55 (LHR) London, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7667 08:25 (MAD) Madrid, Spain Arrived
CZ7674 08:35 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived
CZ7643 08:55 (FCO) Rome, Italy Arrived
CZ7670 08:15 (MAN) Manchester, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ1364 08:25 (NCL) Newcastle, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7740 16:05 (OSL) Oslo, Norway Arrived
CZ455 15:30 (CAN) Guangzhou, China Scheduled
CZ7735 15:35 (NCL) Newcastle, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7723 15:20 (MAD) Madrid, Spain Arrived
CZ7728 15:40 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived
CZ7654 15:55 (EDI) Edinburgh, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7605 08:10 (ATH) Athens, Greece Arrived On time
CZ7743 11:05 (STR) Stuttgart, Germany Arrived
CZ1346 07:20 (BER) Berlin, Germany Arrived On time
CZ7696 11:30 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
CZ1385 11:30 (BHX) Birmingham, United Kingdom Arrived
CZ7608 08:40 (BCN) Barcelona, Spain Arrived
CZ7691 07:00 (HAJ) Hanover, Germany Arrived
CZ7628 10:00 (CDG) Paris, France Arrived
CZ7651 08:10 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
CZ7738 15:50 (NUE) Nuremberg, Germany Arrived
CZ7731 14:45 (MXP) Milan, Italy Arrived
CZ7709 14:45 (HAJ) Hanover, Germany Arrived
CZ457 08:55 (CKG) Chongqing, China No Recent Info - Call Airline
CZ449 08:20 (CAN) Guangzhou, China No Recent Info - Call Airline
CZ2575 12:13 (CKG) Chongqing, China Landed 12:20
CZ7744 15:40 (STR) Stuttgart, Germany Arrived On time
CZ7700 07:25 (STR) Stuttgart, Germany Arrived On time
CZ7635 07:15 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Arrived
CZ7645 15:30 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany In Air
CZ8191 None (CKG) Chongqing, China Arrived On time
CZ5239 None (CAN) Guangzhou, China Arrived On time
CZ8091 14:45 (SZX) Shenzhen, China Landed
CZ7704 07:15 (BRE) Bremen, Germany Arrived On time