China Southern arrivals Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE)

China Southern Shenyang SHE airport arrivals allow to check status of China Southern flight arrivals at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Shenyang airport is 04:48 AM 2023-06-05

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
CZ5314 23:00 22:43 (ZUH) Zhuhai Landed
CZ6725 23:25 22:57 (CGO) Zhengzhou Landed
CZ6492 23:40 23:16 (LHW) Lanzhou Landed
CZ6456 23:55 23:36 (XIY) Xi'an Landed
CZ6206 00:05 23:40 (XMN) Xiamen Landed
CZ6466 00:10 23:51 (CKG) Chongqing Landed
CZ3601 00:25 00:29 (CAN) Guangzhou Landed
CZ6380 00:25 00:12 (CSX) Changsha Landed
CZ6508 00:30 00:00 (PVG) Shanghai Landed
CZ6304 01:00 00:52 (SZX) Shenzhen Landed
CZ6462 01:50 01:26 (URC) Urumqi Landed
CZ6416 01:55 01:36 (XIY) Xi'an Landed
CZ8522 10:10 (YIW) Yiwu Scheduled
CZ5370 10:40 (LHW) Lanzhou Scheduled
CZ6510 10:55 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
CZ6174 11:00 (NGB) Ningbo Scheduled
CZ6410 11:00 (TFU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6216 11:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ6332 12:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6575 12:00 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
CZ5800 12:15 (TAO) Qingdao Scheduled
CZ6102 12:20 (PKX) Daxing Scheduled
CZ5361 12:55 (TNA) Jinan Scheduled
CZ666 13:00 (PUS) Busan Scheduled
CZ682 13:10 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
CZ6496 13:15 (URC) Urumqi Scheduled
CZ6385 13:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Scheduled
CZ3655 13:55 (NKG) Nanjing Scheduled
CZ6761 13:55 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ6520 14:20 (WUH) Wuhan Scheduled
CZ6504 14:25 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
CZ6230 14:35 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ628 15:00 (NRT) Tokyo Scheduled
CZ6414 15:00 (XIY) Xi'an Scheduled
CZ612 15:05 (KIX) Osaka Scheduled
CZ6506 15:30 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
CZ6404 16:05 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ6402 16:50 (TFU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6408 17:00 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6331 17:05 (LDS) Yichun Scheduled
CZ8569 18:00 (CGO) Zhengzhou Scheduled
CZ6518 18:05 (XMN) Xiamen Scheduled
CZ6386 18:10 (MDG) Mudanjiang Scheduled
CZ6118 18:30 (HET) Hohhot Scheduled
CZ8523 18:30 (CSX) Changsha Scheduled
CZ6484 18:45 (SYX) Sanya Scheduled
CZ6516 18:45 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
CZ6368 19:00 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ5366 19:10 (KMG) Kunming Scheduled
CZ672 19:40 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
CZ6470 20:15 (CKG) Chongqing Scheduled
CZ6312 20:20 (RIZ) Rizhao Scheduled
CZ6452 20:45 (NKG) Nanjing Scheduled
CZ6348 21:15 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
CZ6310 21:20 (SZX) Shenzhen Scheduled
CZ6502 21:20 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
CZ6674 21:50 (TFU) Chengdu Scheduled
CZ6288 22:20 (HGH) Hangzhou Scheduled
CZ6116 22:30 (PKX) Daxing Scheduled